A King Kong Pleasure by: J.P.

24 Sep


Do you refuse to go to mega-hyped movies because they can never meet the ‘hype’? If so, then you’re probably not planning to see Peter Jackson’s $200 million “King Kong” because it’s arguably the most hyped Blockbuster Movie of the year. After the much anticipated opening will “King Kong” be worth your big money and time?


The Three Realities of Movie Hype 1) The Trailer. After my love affair with Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings (LOTR)” trilogy, I refused to see any “King Kong” trailer because I was going to see it regardless. Two years ago I did get fooled into watching the teaser trailer, which indicated to me it could be a disappointment. After which I avoided all other “King Kong” trailers like any other adult would… by covering my eyes and humming “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you…”


2) The Stars. Starring Naomi Watts (“21 grams”, “The Ring”), who has not impressed me with her acting or even being best friends with Nicole Kidman. The very funny Jack Black (“Shallow Hal”, “Orange County”) with his supporting roles as losers and his “in-your-face” antics. Finally, the always excellent Adrien Brody (“The Pianist”, “The Village”), who is such a freakin’ cool guy for smooching Halle Berry in front of 150 million people as he accepted his 2003 Oscar.


3) The Buzz. Back in 1996, Peter Jackson started writing a re-make of “King Kong” (1933), but when the rights got tied up, he moved on to “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” (2001) – a ‘pretty good’ idea. After the tremendous success of the LOTR trilogy, Jackson was finally able to make “King Kong”, which went through several drafts, until 2003 when he made one that was green lighted by Universal. Winner or Bluff?


Based on the trailer, I didn’t think Peter Jackson wouldn’t win one Oscar let alone another 11 Oscars for “King Kong”, but recently he did deservedly get nominated for a 2005 Golden Globe, and win my “Best Blockbuster Movie of the Year” award. Forget the ‘hype’ and don’t wait for this movie on DVD, go enjoy it at a theatre because of the gorgeous landscapes, spectacular special effects, and heartbreaking beauty.

Film Buffing by

JP Richards

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One Response to “A King Kong Pleasure by: J.P.”

  1. mr skin October 17, 2006 at 4:06 AM #

    King Kong was awesome, especially the 15 minute crazy battle with Kong and the dinosaurs. And Jack Black really did a good job as a semi normal character.

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