Does “Aeon Flux’s” Great Movie Trailer make for a Great Movie?

24 Sep

Okay we’ve all had this experience. You go to the movies, you watch 5 minutes of commercials and 4 previews. As you watch the “previews” one of the movie trailers makes your imagination salivate, you forget the title of the movie you came to watch and burn one single mental note, “I must see that movie”. Two months ago I saw “Aeon Flux’s” preview, today I saw it. Now should you go spend your time and money to see it?


1) The TRAILER. “Aeon Flux” has the best trailer I’ve seen since “Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” (a disappointment), and there was NO way I was going to miss the opening weekend*. However, for two months I was haunted by one negative thought “I bet the trailer gave away all best parts”.

*DISCLAIMER: I am a childhood “Star Trek: The Next Generation” fan.

2) The STARS. People were upset when the gorgeous blonde Charlize Theron (2004 Best Actress Oscar-Winner™ for “Monster”) signed on because it was rumored she was only ‘cashing in’ on the career high 10 million dollar paycheck. Didn’t brother Charlize, she trained acrobatically and with weapons for weeks for the physically intensive role. During filming, Charlize almost paralyzed herself due to an injury to her NECK, but luckily, she was only hospitalized for five days, and was back doing her own stunts in 6 weeks – crazy.

3) The BUZZ. Back in 1995 before “Reality TV”, MTV released this animated series called “Aeon Flux”, a mix between Mad Maxx and “Heavy Metal” comic books. After 6 years of rumors, the film got moving when female Director Karyn Kusama decided to made it her follow-up film to her debut indie hit “Girlfight” (starring Michelle Rodriguez). Unfortunately, the studios refused to screen “Aeon Flux” for the press before its theatrical release shouting to the public, “This movie is going to suck”.


“Aeon Flux” is a Winner. If you want to be entertained by a thriller Sci-Fi plot, some great action sequences, and the very hot Charlize Theron go see this movie (picture attached).

Film Buffing by

JP Richards

“Taking the risk out of going to hyped movies.”

PS. Steven Spielberg, never watches movie trailers. Why? Because he says movie trailers ruin the magic of movies. Good idea?

Click here for the official movie site.


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