Johnny Cash is Worth Your Time & Cash

24 Sep

“Walk the Line” Opened this Weekend with

TOO Much Hype to be a Good Movie, Right?


Nothing tires me more than going to a much anticipated box office opener only to be fooled by the “Hype”, leaving the theatre disappointed because I wasted $12 and 2 hours of my limited free time. I’m going to share with you the“Three Realities of Movie Hype, and whether “Walk the Line” is worth your time and money (without revealing too much).

“The Three Realities of Movie Hype”

1) The BUZZ: Come on, of course this movie is going to be hyped; it’s a movie about the legendary Johnny Cash! I mean, even after he died he won the “2002 Grammy for Best Country Album”. Honestly, I am not a fan of Johnny Cash, I never liked his music, nor do I like Country Music, but the guy is legendary, so I was curious. As a result of the Johnny Cash “Hype”, I saw Joaquin Phoenix every where, on countless magazine covers, billboards & ads, and TV shows including Oprah. I heard three things about “Walk the Line”:

i) Was Joaquin Phoenix ‘too wimpy’ to play the gritty Johnny Cash?

ii) Forget learning how to play the “Ghee-Tar” Joaquin Phoenix took 6 weeks ‘just’ to learn how to hold the guitar properly – ya right, “Ree-Tar-Did”.

iii) Joaquin (pronounced “WAA-keen”) is quitting acting for life after this film because he wants a real life. Maybe because it’s of his highest paycheck yet (a salary of 3.5 million dollars). Sadly, nobody wants to see this fine actor go.

2) The TRAILER: After watching the trailer, I could just hear the evil Producers voice say “That’s right, and even if this movie sucks, we’re still going to get millions of Johnny Cash fans to the movie and buying the soundtrack… Hahahahaha. Suckers!”

3) The STARS: Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix. Reese (what kinda name is that anyhow?) has not made a movie I wanted to see since “Cruel Intentions”. Come on, Reese “Legally Blonde 2”, why? Joaquin on the other hand is “the man”, his “real” performances leave you wanting more: “Signs”, “The Village”, and “Gladiator” are all sensationally acted.


“Walk the Line” is a Winner! Go see this movie because Joaquin delivers, this is Reese’s best movie ever, and perhaps, like me (a hater of country music), you too will find yourself thumping your feet to the music.

*Unfortunately, all adequately ‘Hyped’ movies win their money back and more… we’re the only ones who lose our precious time and money.

Film Buffing by

JP Richards

“Taking the risk out of going to hyped movies.”

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