I am not a Dinner Mint

27 Sep

Trey anthony writer of the hit play da Kink in my hair, that wowed Toronto audiences and packed houses, is at it again, this time she is director and co-writer with Redfoot Productions Rachael-Lea Rickards, on a new play, I am not a Dinner Mintthe crap women swallow to stay in a relationship!

The playwrights define a dinner mint as the small refreshing after thought one enjoys after a really good meal, the little candies wrapped in layers of tissue at the bottom of grannys purse.

The writers declare many women become dinner mints in their relationships. This analogy provides the perfect backdrop for a diverse cast of 5 women as they take an intimate, honest and sometimes hilarious look at the various relationships in their lives. From best friend make-ups, to searching for Mr. Right, to lesbian break ups, I am not a Dinner Mint guarantees to have its audiences laughing, crying, and yelling enough is enough to bad relationships and wish I held on to the good ones they let slip away.

Its a journey of 5 Women, 5 hearts but ultimately one story

I am not a Dinner Mint features a refreshing mix of new faces to the mainstream theatre stage:


For bios and photos, please visit http://www.iamnotadinnermint.com/press

I am not a Dinner Mint
The crap women swallow to stay in a relationship!

Playing September 8 – October 15

There are FOUR ways you can buy tickets:


Click on “Purchase Tickets” below




Visit www.dieselplayhouse.com


Call (416) 971-5656 for tickets


Diesel Playhouse Box Office, located at 56 Blue Jays Way


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