Toronto’s first Nuit Blanche at Galerie Bertossini.

27 Sep

scotia.jpgYou are invited to Toronto’s first Nuit Blanche at Galerie Bertossini.

A free, all-night contemporary art thing!

The literal English translation of Nuit Blanche is “White Night,” a term that refers to a night without darkness; a night for new discoveries; a sleepless night.

From sunset at 7:01 pm on September 30 to sunrise at 7:15 am on October 1, 2006, artists Cheryl Rock, Tricia Douglas, Izzy Ohiro, Robert Small and Tanyah Small will be up all night along with many other Toronto artists. The show entitled Reach into the Dark challenges the artists to produce original artwork reflective of their inner spirit. Over 20 pieces will be on display and available for sale.

Come and feel the excitement of the French-speaking culture, very much
alive here in Toronto. The show will begin at 7 pm. Come out to see
JulieC, Lyne Tremblay, Émerald Doyle, and many more French Canadian

A DJ and African drummers will also perform later on in the night.
There will be great food, good wine and beer, Red Bull drink and coffee
of course!

Come and bring all your friends!!
A free all-night contemporary art thing
Toronto, September 30, 2006
7:01 pm to sunrise

Galerie Bertossini
Overnite Sensation – Sensation Nocturne
Various artists
Visual artists, interpreters and French-speaking musicians present a
soirée of French Canadian and francophone culture right here in
783 Queen Street East, Toronto
Tel. 416-466-3659


One Response to “Toronto’s first Nuit Blanche at Galerie Bertossini.”

  1. hookmeup October 6, 2006 at 5:09 PM #

    OK I wen to this on the weekend… WICKED!!! I have loads of picks and I will post them on my personal blog soon Holla

    Rico –  Check it on my space Blog

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