2 Oct

The Black Secretariat of Canada is looking for interested participants to tell their stories in THE TALKING ACROSS GENERATIONS Documentary Project.The Documentary:
Talking Across the Generations takes a look at the profound disconnects within some family structures across the African Diaspora in Canada. This disconnect maybe key in understanding the fragmentation of the black family, and the adverse ripple affects/effects that results, sometimes directly impacting the health of the African-Canadian community as a whole. This documentary will encourage intergenerational dialogue on this and related issues through the recording and screening of personal histories of several families across the province and Toronto in particular,

Using a “family tree” approach we will explore the memories and opinions of 3-generations within each household. This will allow us to understand, bringing up issues of lineage, traditions, culture, and the inter-related constituents of each of these elements in relation to each generation respectively. Highlighting the differences will allow the viewer and the family to discover the elements truly necessary to concretely bridge broken gaps, thus creating portals for both elders and youth to cross back and forth.

Segments of the film will focus on”









Using these segments or chapters, we will look as these aspects from both an ancient and modern perspective. This approach will also provide a solid context and foundation on which the film will be constructed. These chapters will be inter-woven throughout the narrative of each family unit. This approach will also help to define the issue of identity more clearly amongst the younger and older generations. Families will be chosen all across the African Diaspora: Continental African, African-Caribbean, South/Latin American, European blacks, and African-Canadian via African-American. We will juxtapose these family units to better compare & contrast identity and division.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in this project or you wish more information, please send an e-mail to

Sandra Young at:

phone 416 588 3934 or or

call 905-621-0068 for more info.

The Black Secretariat – Supporting Community Groups and Organizations since 1984
511 Richmond St. W., Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1Y3
Please forward to your networks.


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