Job Posting – Administration Roles

3 Oct

Employment Status: Part-Time/ 1⁄2 days/ 2-3 days per week.
Job Title: Various- Administration Roles Compensation:  $10 per hour
Location: Various – Toronto Job Reference:  DA-ADMIN-01-06
Start Date: To Be Determined

Company Information:  Denton Associates provides Consulting, Virtual Assistant Services and Staffing support to businesses. Our mission is to help our clients take back the time that they deserve and we pride
ourselves on ensuring that our clients receive professional, competent and reliable service each and every time.  Denton Associates has expanded its client base in the greater Toronto area and would like to build a long-term strategic partnership with the right candidate.

Candidate Overview:
Denton Associates is looking to fill Administrative Support positions for professional organizations in varying roles. The ideal candidate must be eager to play a key role in delivering support to clients and can live up to Denton Associates commitment to service delivery and quality.

Essential Qualifications:

• Must be reliable and results-oriented
• Must have exceptional communications skills
• Customer service experience is an asset
• Must have administrative support experience with a proven track record
• Computer experience a must – Proficient in the Microsoft office Suite (MS Word, Excel,
PowerPoint etc.)
• Must be well organized and present a professional appearance

If you meet the above qualifications, please email your resume to with the above job title in the subject line.
Denton Associates is an equal opportunity employer.


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