High profile opportunity in Toronto

22 Jan


I hope all is well and that you are adjusting to the winter weather. It finally seems to be resembling normality out there. I’m writing to pass this along. It sounds like a great challenging position. Maybe you know someone?

I’ve got a high profile opportunity in Toronto. The best candidate will have experience in Security Software (Anti-Virus preferred) and a successful track record in managing a Sales Team (locally and remotely). Candidates should be very business oriented and have quality contacts in the GTA. This role encompasses starting an office in Toronto and creating a new sales team for the entire county. Compensation will be very competitive for the right individual. Canadian Sales Manager As a Sales Manager you will be responsible to lead, develop and manage an inside sales team, which is responsible for selling enterprise security software to key decision makers, as well to build a successful sales team in order to exceed bookings targets. Work with the VP of Sales to determine revenue targets and key performance indicators for the team. ” Achieve, as a minimum, sales targets and KPI’s ensuring all members of the team achieve their personal targets. ” Develop and lead proactive initiatives to improve the output of the team. ” Ensure the team have the skills, tools and resources to achieve principle goals. ” Identify opportunities in the target market to acquire and develop customers. ” Identify and nullify threats to business within target customers. ” Articulate product and sales strategy feedback from the market to relevant groups. ” Develop and maintain internal relationship with key supporting functions. ” Develop a team dynamic with strong communication and best practice sharing. ” Encourage and mentor other individuals outside the immediate team to develop the skills and experiences required to be successful. ” Actively engage with target customers and in multi-level selling. ” Provide timely and accurate sales forecasts for the team as well as monitor performance metrics. ” Adherence to CRM, business systems and activity management standards ” Initiate win-loss analysis on key opportunities. ” Liaise as appropriate with key strategic alliances and maintain good knowledge of the computer security software market. ” Ensure successful use of sales tools including the CRM application ” Provide input into budget process – clearly stating what is needed (staff, capital, training etc) in order to produce the necessary deliverables ” Contribute to selection interviewing to ensure the team is staffed appropriately with reference to the development group budget and against agreed selection criteria/specification ” Ensure the appropriate mixture of skills and seniority of staff within group – minimising single points of failure ” Give input into annual salary review process for sales employees ” Define priorities and assign projects for employees – evaluate and leverage employees talents by matching (where possible) assignments to skills/desires of employee ” Manage employee performance and group productivity. Regularly evaluate individual employee job performance, providing constructive suggestions for improvement and celebrating and rewarding accomplishments ” Address team issues including project conflict resolution ” ” Clearly communicate goals and assignments to staff as part of one-to-one meetings ”

Thanks again for your time. Have a great week!

Best regards, Alexander


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