AUDIENCE MEMBERS WANTED.. For taping of Farley Flex’s Live at the Palais Royale

2 Feb

flex2.jpgFarley Flex presents “LIVE at the Palais Royale” is yet another groundbreaking endeavour masterminded by Canada’s foremost Urban Impresario. “LIVE at the Palais Royale” is a live performance review featuring the hottest new and current, domestic and international vocalists. The Palais experience will feature Canadian talent who have completed a rigorous national tour promoted under the same brand and have earned the opportunity to perform “LIVE at the Palais Royale” and on national television.

The pilot showcases Divine Brown, Belinda Brady and Lori Nuic. Three artists with wonderfully distinct styles and approaches to soul music.

Anyone interested in attending the taping on Wed Feb 7 as an audience member is asked to dress elegantly in accordance with the historic and magical atmosphere of the Palais Royale, home to legendary superstars like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and many many more.

For more information please contact Nanci Malek by email at


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