Growing up without men

5 Feb

What does it mean to grow up without a father?

Thanks to all who shared their answers to that question at our town hall forum.
Watch a slideshow of one debate on the roles of sex, intimacy and parenthood.

A generation ago the mother-led family — while hardly rare — was still an anomaly. That’s no longer the case.

For one community in particular, the reverse is true. About 40 per cent of black children in Canada grow up without a father. Among Toronto’s Jamaican-Canadians, the numbers are even more dramatic: two out of three children grow up without a father (Statistics Canada, 2000).

Download the report [220 Kb .pdf pdf]

In “Growing Up Without Men,” young black adults tell us their stories. We also hear… why so many fathers are absent from their children’s lives and what it will take to turn the situation around.

CBC Radio reporter Mary Wiens gives you a glimpse into four compelling lives:

  • Naran Morgan, a chronic offender who searched for father figures in the drug underworld.
  • Wendell Griffiths, who teaches young men who grew up “on the corner” what it means to be a man.
  • Isha Tang-Nian, a young single mother who fears for her sons’ future.
  • Blacus Ninja, a rapper from Jane-Finch whose stepfather stepped in for his biological father.

More on Metro Morning

You can also tune into Metro Morning interviews on the effect of absentee fathers, from a police officer’s perspective on how it plays out on the streets to a sociologist who researches why many young black men find a violent subculture so rewarding.

Read comments from our audience

Our moderated online forum is now closed. Thanks to all who contributed their stories, ideas and opinions. The archived comments will continue to be available. If you have a comment about this series, please contact Metro Morning.

Townhall discussion

Members of the community had their say at CBC’s Townhall on Wednesday, Jan. 31, at North Albion Collegiate Institute.

Our panel of guests for the discussion were:

Watch a slideshow of one exchange at the townhall that debated the roles of sex, intimacy and parenthood.

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