Sex survey results – What are other people doing in bed????

17 Feb

Sex survey results

1. What gender do you most identify yourself as being?

Of the 6,516 generous respondents who shared their answers with us, 51 per cent identify as women and 49 per cent as men. And we hope each and every one of you is proud.

Because you told us your secrets, we all get to discover more about ourselves. you TELL US:

  • A homosexual male stuck in a juicy girl’s body.
  • A tad on the girlie side but can still play the straight game without clutching my pearls.
  • Female from birth, but only recently starting to genuinely celebrate it.
  • Femiman.
  • King of the jungle.
  • Male, but I do like Broadway musicals and occasionally cry at sad movies.
  • Male, but with an overdeveloped sensitive side…..more Hook Me Up 
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    5 Responses to “Sex survey results – What are other people doing in bed????”

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