Intermediate Web Designer

30 May

Grip Limited Toronto, ON, Canada
Posted on: May 29, 2007
Intermediate Web Designer wanted at Grip Limited!

If you’d like the opportunity to work closely with Senior Creative Teams to create incredible experiences for brands like Honda, Acura, Labatt and lululemon, then read on. If you like working in a dynamic, forever changing agency environment that’s influenced by every single employee, then Grip Limited could be for you. If not, we won’t be offended. Take a look below at what we need. If it sounds like you, send us your resume and samples of your work to:

So who is our ideal person?

* An Intermediate Designer. You’re not too junior. You’re not too senior. You’re, well, Intermediate.

What skills do you possess?

* A great design sensibility. So you know the importance of typography, page layout and user interaction.
* A basic understanding of Flash, and great motion design is a bonus.
* A passion for pushing boundaries. That means a you get excited about video and motion graphics and things no one has done yet.
* Independence with a flair for collaboration. No, it’s not an oxymoron. We need you to thrive on working with a dynamic group of people. But you work well on your own too.
* A desire to produce great work, users experiences and stories.
* An eye for details, and your work shows quality at every turn
* Excellent communication skills and are able to work in Canada (Fluent in English according to our lawyers)
* Enthusiasm. Well, it’s not a skill exactly. But we’re passionate about our brands. And we want you to be, too.

To Apply:


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