“Light Skin Party”? – Say it isn’t so….

12 Oct


Oh yes sadly it is true. :\

I know as a Black community we have our “issues” with shadism and colour but to have a party and make a flyer that asks “light skin” girls to come out and they will get in for free… :S I am not sure how to respond to this..

It’s like we see one person in our community doing or saying something bad and we have to say No! NO!! NO!!! I can go lower than that, watch me.

This party is promoted by DJ Lish from Detroit He has a myspace page . and his phone # is (313) 743-1291


Damn people read a book, it is not OK to divide our community by shade or colour!!

What do you think? ~Rico
UPDDATE:Apparently the party is canceled because of backlash from the Internet< Click here.


3 Responses to ““Light Skin Party”? – Say it isn’t so….”

  1. pomn December 22, 2007 at 4:40 AM #

    Good job, here and there!!


  1. Highbrid Nation » Blog Archive » ‘Lightskinned Night’ Party Puts Promoter UNFAIRLY in the Crosshairs. - October 16, 2007

    […] to say the internet activist mafia caught wind and the calls and emails started rolling in threatening boycotts and even lawsuits. […]

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