Can you name 29 Black men you respect?

1 Feb

Hey everyone,This idea got started earlier today when a friend of mine Robert Small shared an idea (see below) with me. It was to: “Change your profile pic to a Black man you respect to commemorate the beginning of Black history month”I thought it was so cool I did it and then I shared the idea with some groups on facebook. Well it seemed easy enough right..
Well I got a lot of replies saying things like I don’t think I can do that for a whole month, It took me by surprise that people could not think of 29 Black men that they respect?So I called Rob to talk about it and he also had a similar experience. We talked for a while and then thought about what it means to recognize Black men and their accomplishments, and why is it so difficult for others to name Black men they respect.

We decided to expand the original idea from one day to every day for the entire month of February just to see what would happen…

If you know a Black man that you respect this is your official invitation to join us and update your facebook profile pic with a Black man you respect every day for 29 days. 😀

His group “The LEGACY Continues!: Black History Month (Canada/United States)” search for it.
We will post all of our daily updated picks there.

Join the fun ~ Ricardo

Robert Small is asking you to commemorate BHM today Feb 1st, by changing your profile pic for the day!

Change your pic to a “Black” male you respect and/or admire. It could be Barack Obama, Harry Jerome, Lincoln Alexander, Malcolm X, Oscar Peterson, Martin Luther King jr, Nelson Mandela, Mohammed Ali, Richard Pryor, Smokey Robinson, Howard McCurdy, Sugar Ray Robinson, , your father, your uncle, your son and the list goes on, and on!

The theme for Black History Month in Canada is “Celebrating African-Canadian Men” but we want to broaden that theme to include African (Black) men world-wide as well.

Feel free to upload pictures from the FB Group above to our group page to share with others around the world. You can also state why you respect that person. you can upload these pics to our page anytime you want!

ENJOY Black History / African Heritage Month!
Thank you for your participation and SPREAD THE WORD!


One Response to “Can you name 29 Black men you respect?”

  1. Desiree Rose February 7, 2008 at 2:31 PM #

    As we celebrate the accomplishments of our community daily, here are the names of some black men I admire.

    Feb. 1, 2008 = Reverent Byron Goulbourne ( Pastor, husband, father, son, brother, spiritual brother, mentor, advocate, community worker, counsellor, friend: a man of substance.

    Feb. 2, 2008 = Ned Blair ( Husband, father, brother, son, advocate, mentor, community activist, friend: a man of integrity.

    Feb. 3, 2008 = Odida Quammina ( father, husband, brother, grand-father, community activist, friend: a man of quality.

    Feb.4, 2008 = Denham Jolly ( Entreprenuer, Husband, father, brother, community builder, activist, friend: a man of self-worth.

    Feb. 5, 2008 = Winston La Rose ( Father, brother, grand-father, friend, advocate, community activist: a man of substance.

    Feb. 6, 2008 = Keith Ford ( Father, husband, brother, grand-father, educator, mentor: a man of integrity.

    Feb. 7, 2008 = The late Harry Jerome ( Son, brother, friend, mentor trail-blaser: a man in history.

    Feb. 8, 2008 = Elijah McCoy

    Feb. 9, 2008 = Selwyn Romilly ( B.C. Version of Malcolm X

    Feb. 10, 2008= Emery Barnes: The first black in B.C Legislator

    Feb. 11, 2008 = Lincoln Alexander

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