Lattes & Laptops at Starbucks

24 Oct

Hello Beautiful people!! 

Today is a wonderful day is’nt it? :D.. I have another hook up for you..

Do you love Coffee? Do you love free Internet?.. well who docent love free stuff, that’s why you’re a member of Hook me up.. hehehe. OK here’s the skinny Starbucks is giving away 2hours of free Internet every day when you buy a coffee on a Starbucks card..  This is great for road warriors like me who are on the go and need to meet with clients on the road… Some free Internet and a warm cup of coffee go very well together.  

Mmmmmm.. when I try it I will let you know how it goes.

Share your experience too



Lattes & Laptops  come together at Starbucks Canada.

Visit your favourite Starbucks in Canada and use the Bell Internet Wi-Fi access Hotspot service. Hotspots provide high-speed Internet access where you need it most, and are the ideal way to stay connected.

In Fall 2008 the free Wi-Fi program is going to transition again as part of Starbucks Card Rewards.


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