FREE – Computer desks & file cabinets.

19 Mar

Morning everyone!!!!!
Today is a fabulous day! My friend has works for the OAYEC ( don’t ask me what it stands for) anyway but they are moving offices and have a few things to give away for FREE 😀
Here’s the catch.. you gotta pick it up today… if you want it do what you have to, or pass it on 🙂

BTW her name is Iphia (if-Ee-Ah)
Shine on beautiful people ~Ricardo

CH says (10:46 AM):
as u know my office is moving…and well……we still have two computer desks and the 4 file cabinets at the OAYEC
office….all MUST be picked up today!!

Location: 120 Carlton Street, Suite #209, Toronto, ON M5A 4K2
phone: (416) 323-9557


One Response to “FREE – Computer desks & file cabinets.”

  1. ettie husk June 19, 2012 at 7:49 AM #

    Do you guys still have any filing cabinets left and if so where you located at.

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