Organic farming internship

23 Jan

Mapleton’s Organic Farm provides the public with healthy, local, and environmentally sustainable products. But we also believe we have the responsibility to show people about the cycle of responsible food production. We host tours and special events and we welcome our guests to observe our farm up close.  Mapleton’s Organic Dairy is a family owned and operated farm. We raise and take care of the cows that supply the milk for our delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt, and fresh yogurt. Besides a dairy herd, we also raise young dairy animals, a flock of laying hens to supply eggs for our ice cream and pigs for organic pork.

In the summer we raise grain-fed, free-range chickens and turkeys. All the feed for the animals is grown here on our farm and the manure they provide is used (after composting) to fertilize the fields. In addition to growing all the feed for the animals, we also grow some crops for human consumption such as spelt, soybeans, corn, potatoes, and pumpkins.

What to expect:

* You live on a farm for most or all of a full growing season (roughly April-November depending on the farm).

* During that time you gain hands-on experience by doing lots of farm work and you learn from the farmer(s).

* Each CRAFT farm is also committed to taking its intern(s) to the monthly CRAFT field trips.

* A farm may also offer other training such as added fields trips, seminars, books, special projects or responsibilities.

Mapleton’s Organic Dairy
Location: Moorefield, Wellington County, Ontario

Please visit The CRAFT website:
or e-mail to apply.

When applying, please indicate that you saw this posting at


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