**Exclusive offer to Hook Me Up members.**

15 Mar

Have I got a hook up for you today!

reel weels

I have joined forces with Reel Wheels for a LIMITED TIME, until March 31st, 2011.

Have you ever seen a car, motorcycle or vehicle in a movie driving on a street or just parked on the side of the road? Well, those cars are all “Reel Cars” from real people. And yours could be next.Reel Wheels is a company that places cars in movies, and they are looking for hundreds of cars to place in movies this year.They have the exclusive rights to do this for most major movies in Toronto.

This is where I Hook you up…

I have negotiated a deal on behalf of Hook Me Up members with a car, bike, truck, snow mobile, moped…(you get the idea). If you add your vehicle to their database, and it is chosen for a movie, you will get at least $300 /day for a regular car, and up to thousands per day for a car with a unique look e.g. Ferrari, 1920’s, 1960, street racer…AND they give you a rental car as long as you’ve loaned them your car; AND to top it off, the average time that they use your car is about 10 days.


Let’s do the math:

1 Car (Toyota 2006)

10 Days in a movie

$300 per day =

$3000 + a car rental for 10 days.


Remember this offer expires March 31, 2011 or when the database is closed, whichever comes first.

Ask for Angela hookmeuprico@reelwheels.ca she will take care of you and ansswer all your questions, remember to say you heard about this from the hook me up list. 🙂


~Rico – Da Hook Me Up Man



One Response to “**Exclusive offer to Hook Me Up members.**”

  1. Flavia April 4, 2011 at 1:19 PM #

    Hi Rico,
    I’ve just seen your message on FB and all we have here is a Cadillac Escalade, a boat (kinda big) and two electric Scooters. If they need anything like it, just let me know.
    BTW, I do follow your FC! It’s amazing how eclectic you are!
    All the best, Flavia

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