30 Jul

thats-all-folks-7172-1680x1050– July 30 2014 –

Dear HookMeUpRico.com Members,

Fourteen years ago, HookMeUpRico began as a simple idea to pay it forward – I’ve watched it grow from a simple e-mail list of 10 people in 2002; to an email list of hundreds; to a yahoo group (remember yahoo:), then to a WordPress blog; and finally, a website and Facebook page.

After a lot of consideration a few sleepless night and a somewhat heavy heart I have decided it’s time to close HookMeUpRico.com for good.

We’ve had an amazing 14 year run together, and I’m beyond grateful to all who have joined our group and contributed to this project.

Over the years we’ve done some amazing thing together, here are just a few:

– 3000+ email subscribers
– 900+ Facebook group members
– Given away over 17,000 free items
– Furnished an entire home for a single mom in need
– Many free tickets to Raptor’s games
– Found a surrogate mom for a deserving couple
– Given away free husky puppies
– Sold a house for more than 700K
– Found jobs for dozens of people
– Posted over 200 jobs
– Created the largest flashmob in Canadian history (Michael Jackson) 10K people
– Free Movie Screenings / Premiers
– Helped Local businesses (Rent-A-Mother)
– Books and reading events
– Free downloads of all sorts
– Posted a few jokes / funny videos
– Supported social issues, and causes
– All sorts of sales and deals
– Health Tips / recipes / websites.
– And so much more …

Over the years, so much has evolved in my life and today I’m choosing to focus all of my energy on my new priorities and projects.

Some of my new changes are: getting married last year, merging companies with my wife to form Wedge15 Inc. as well as http://www.WhosWhoInBlackCanada.com, and I plan to continue doing big things to make a positive difference on our planet with my new projects.

As of today, we have shut down HookMeUpRico.com and closed the Facebook group to new members.

Let’s stay in touch on:
1- Twitter http://www.twitter.com/RicardoMcRae
2- LinkedIn – http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/RicardoMcRae Or
3- Mailing List – http://www.Wedge15.com (sign up on the mailing list).
Much Love to you and yours.
You all hold a few special place in my heart.

(The ex-HookMeUpGuy)


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