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A short documentary about Hateful Things

31 Jan

A short video documentary about racist images in pop culture… They look at stereotypes, from back in the day to BET and asks the question are we continuing to perpetuate these images.
What do you think?




22 Nov

How Would You Spend Your Dream Day?

TreasureHD and Voom Network want to make your dream comes true on an exciting new Television series.

Everyone has a fantasy experience – something out of the ordinary, glamorous, and fun that they’ve always wanted to try. What’s yours? Are you a lawyer who yearns to be a comedian, or a teacher who dreams of being a barrel racer?

Imagine getting the chance to live out your fantasy. It’s a day you’ll never forget.

Stop saying “I WISH” and start saying “I WILL”. We want to hear from anyone who is passionate about their dream. If you have a dream you are passionate about, contact us, we still want to hear from you!

Criteria: – Age: late 20’s (minimum), 30’s, 40’s and beyond – established in a career that is different than your dream.

For more information and to apply for the show contact us at: or call Linda at 416-646-6597.

Open to residents of Canada and the United States

**Please note, we are no longer accepting submissions from people who dream of being an actor, musician, or entertainment reporter**

Whats the worst that could happen???

29 Oct

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