How We Do It?

How do we do it?


Our users like you are great at helping each other out. Over 90% of postings come from people like you that submit something to be posted.


We listen to our community very carefully. Everyone has a voice on the site, and we listen to them all equally – We love to hear know your thoughts, drop us a line.


We consider our primary mission to be a free exchange of information. We strive to maintain Hook Me Up Rico as a non-commercial community.


I have considered running banner ads on the site. That didn’t really feel right to me, and I’ve continued to choose not to run banner ads, they’re just plain annoying. We do charge businesses a small fee to post job & homes ads. These postings account for less than 5% of all postings on the site and are free to all visitors to view or contact the employer.

Our Philosophy

Hook Me Up Rico has always been very simple and down-to-earth. We take a common sense, honest approach to running this site. We don’t post everything and anything we have a simple question to answer before something goes on the site:


Is this post unique and does it have value for our followers?

It’s very important to me is the culture of trust that we’ve created and maintained since Hook Me Up Rico started. People are generally trustworthy, and I think in this day in age that’s something to acknowledge and encourage. We do everything in our power to foster this culture and the goodwill of people on the site.


How we run the community hasn’t changed at all, and as we expand into the future it will continue to be about and for the people.

Join Us

Hookin’ you up since 2000 ~ Rico


One Response to “How We Do It?”

  1. Tameika Noble December 2, 2010 at 11:28 AM #

    How can I join?

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